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keith smith books

In my mind Keith A. Smith is professor emeritus when it comes to thinking about books. He’s been making books for over 40 years and writing about them for at least 25. When I researched the links for this post, I was delighted to see that both of these books have been revised and expanded. […]

structure of the visual book

text in the book format

photo editor: an unappreciated job

“How did you find so many photos with exactly the same sepia tone?” This question was recently asked of my client Suzanne Fox, author of Grief Country: a meditation on the landscape of loss. The answer was, she didn’t. The images in the book were licensed from a range of photographer’s work on and […]

on book design

As omnipresent as books are, few readers are aware of the ‘invisible’ craft of book designing. from the fly-leave I would have to say that many writers and printers are also unaware of this craft because, ironically, when it is done correctly, it is indeed invisible, since its sole purpose is to support the writer’s […]

photoshop essentials

2-Sas Colby

The complex nature of books as objects is in my bones. I am drawn to their container-like quality, their layered sequential revelation, and their ability to both reveal and conceal. I like the intimacy of books requiring one’s time and touch. Books still occupy an iconic position in our culture; I have a mystical concept […]