work with cj

There are a number of ways I might be of service to you.

Book design for personal historians

Say you’re a personal historian and you love to interview people and write their stories but you aren’t so crazy about wrestling text and photos onto the page and dealing with the arcanery of print production. You’d rather move on to the next interview or write some seriously fabulous prose and leave those details to someone else…someone like me, perhaps. If that sounds like you, check out my book design & production services.

Wrestling with photos

Or maybe you’ve got a pile of photos that you’d like to get organized so you can create a book or video but you’re overwhelmed, or frustrated, or just too bloody busy. Then again, maybe you do know where to start and you know exactly how much work is involved and you would like to just whisk a magic wand over the pile and, voila! A totally organized and digitized photo collection appears. Ah, life is good. Want to know more about my magic photo organizing wand? See my digital archiving & photo restoration services.

Setting up a digital archiving project

If you work for a library, museum, or organization, perhaps you are wondering how to get started digitizing your photo collections. Or,even if you do know how to get started, you might not have time to write procedures, train staff and volunteers, and kick-start the project. I may be able to help you with that. Take a look at my consulting & training services.

Sharing what I have learned

It could be that we are kindred spirits: you love doing book design and photo organizing, and you’re pretty darn good at it. There are times, though, when you would love to talk with–and think with–another professional about how you might fine-tune your workflow to become more efficient and more profitable. Or perhaps you’re at a difficult point in your relationship with another graphic designer or digital restoration specialist and you’d like some perspective on how to resolve the situation. See my one-to-one mentoring packages.

And if you’d like to participate in periodic conference calls and webinars where you can learn more about the design and print production process in order to make your own business as professional and profitable as it can be, take a look at my collection of learning resources.