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the designer’s desktop manual


the pc is not a typewriter

designing with type

stop stealing sheep

typography: a primer

Like book design in general, typography is noticed more in its misapplication than when it is well-chosen and well-set. Typography is far more than just picking a font face and size and getting on with it. It’s an artisan’s craft, particularly suited to those who are mildly to moderately obsessive about the tiniest elements: hanging […]

information design

the practical guide to information design

the visual display of quantitative information

information design: an introductory syllabus

“What is the best font to use for my book?” That’s a question I hear frequently from writers who want to design their own books. And it’s not a bad question; it’s just usually raised at the wrong point in the process. Before we can choose a font, we need to determine the kinds of […]