you & me

With the emphasis on you! [There’s already a whole page about me.]

Here’s what I’ve noticed about the people I work really well with. These are people who seek me out, enjoy working with me, recommend me to others, and look for a chance to work with me again. And again. And again. Some become good friends, all become respected colleagues and trusted collaborators.

  • They are professionals who set high standards for themselves and recognize and appreciate quality work by others. They have confidence in the value of their own skills and experience and expect to be fairly compensated for them; therefore, they are able to discuss issues of pricing and profitability clearly and candidly.
  • They want to delight their clients with the absolute best product or service they can deliver.
  • They are realistic in terms of both budget and schedule and straightforward in their negotiations. They clearly state what they want, what the limits are, and they look for win-win proposals.
  • They recognize the value of good, thoughtful design and realize that it is independent of software programs and computer platforms.
  • They love to collaborate and are constantly striving to improve both their technical and business skills. They believe that the best way to build a profitable business is by putting together a crackerjack team that will learn from one another and get better over time.
  • They are problem solvers who want to work with quick and flexible thinkers who take responsibility for their own work and brainstorm with them to resolve the unforeseen issues that will inevitably arise in projects as complex as book production and digital archiving.
  • They realize that subcontracting does not take money out of their pocket but is a great way to extend their reach and increase their profitability. They are continually refining what they can personally do well and profitably and turning over the things they are not highly skilled in–or that they simply don’t want to do!–to other trusted professionals.
  • They love books and paper and typography and old photos and fine craftsmanship as much as I do.
  • They love to laugh and they hold things lightly. This kind of work can get intense.
  • They may or may not be organized themselves, but they appreciate the sense of order and organization I bring to–some might say impose upon–a project. This seems to be one of the main reasons people engage me—that and my fine aesthetic, sparkling personality, and wry sense of humor!

If you see yourself in these descriptions, I think we would probably make a good team. Why don’t you get in touch if you think so too?