consulting & training

After working with tens of thousands of photos, I have figured out some pretty good ways to go about organizing and digitizing a collection that I’d love to share with you. [That’s after I learned what I believe to be most of the wrong ways!] I work with libraries, museums, businesses, civic groups, non-profit organizations—even large families—to assess your needs, develop a plan, put together checklists and forms, and train your people.

  • Getting started with your digital archiving project: A half-day overview of the issues and challenges organizations face as they consider digitizing their photo collections, including a step-by-step planning and scanning guide. $1,000.
  • Digital archiving project assessment & action plan: I spend time on site reviewing the state of your collection, helping you articulate your goals and develop a project budget, and then work with you to create a long-term project plan to move you toward those goals. Starting at $2,500.
  • Digital archiving project staff and volunteer training: The three significant aspects of any digital archiving project are 1] organizing, 2] digitizing, and 3] making the digital files meaningful and accessible. These tasks may be done by the same or different individuals or groups. For organizations that rely on volunteers to accomplish a lot of their work, these tasks need to be broken down into discrete units that can be easily assigned to whomever is available. Training packages start at $1,500.
  • Digital archiving project workbook: This step-by-step workbook outlines the major phases of a digital archiving project, and includes procedures, forms, checklists and resources. A general version of the workbook will soon be available for purchase as an e-book. A custom version can be created for your particular organization, starting at $2,500.

A bit over your budget? Check out my learning resources page for some do-it-yourself options or my one-to-one mentoring packages to help you think about other options.